If you don’t love our play-by-play radio announcers, then you clearly have never heard their reactions to an amazing play.  War Eagle.


My papa was a beekeeper, and he and my granny sold honey to local people throughout the community. He was a character to say the least. Seeing this back at home today reminded me of these small little road side stops that you used to see all the time. I can remember going with him all the time as a kid to check the hives and make sure they were being pollinated. Priceless memories. Seeing my little girl running today on my old playing field where my brother and I, as well as other neighborhood boys gathered brought back a lot of great memories. Those were some good days!


Men’s shirts.

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There’s a drunk guy outside singing What Makes You Beautiful to a tree. So I opened my window and played the actual song and he just got so happy. He looked at the sky and yelled, “You’re beautiful too, Jesus.”


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